Sunday, November 7, 2010

Just ordered my own Xmas present from Hubby...

I know - could I make it any easier for him? :)  But I know how to get the cash back, use the coupons, etc that saved us more money on it!  I am so excited!  Here's what I'm getting:
It's a Kodak Playsport!  One of those cute little camcorders that shoots HD - and this one is waterproof up to 10 feet so I can shoot in the rain too!  I can't even tell you how many times I've said lately that I wished I had my video camera - now I'm going to carry this everywhere I go!  Here are the specs on it if you are looking into these - I was all set on the Flip until I saw this one - and the great deal on it!  #1 rated on Consumer Reports this month!

I just picked it up for just over $60 after coupon and rebate at Staples!

Here's how I did it:

Logged in/signed in to Ebates.
Searched for Staples and went into their website through Ebates. (now I'm all set for 4% cash back).
On Staples, searched for Kodak Playsport (reg price $149.99)
Staples is running a sale on this for $139.99
They are also offering a $50 rebate on any camera regularly priced $149.99 or more
I have a $25 off $100 purchase coupon that was mailed to me (Don't have one?  You can buy one pretty cheaply here)
So here's how it worked out:
-$10.00 Sale
-$25.00 Coupon
-4% cash back 
-$50.00 Rebate (took 30 seconds to apply for online after purchase)
= $60.39!!!

This offer is valid online too - with FREE shipping!  I got the blue one!  And btw - I did inform hubby that I should be getting something that he picks out too - gotta have a little bit of fun on Xmas morning!

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