Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lowes Build & Grow Workshops for kids (FREE)

I just signed up for the next 2 workshops they have - BUILDING A TRAIN!!! My boys will be so excited!  On the first workshop they will build the caboose and on the second a passenger car.  There will be a 3rd workshop that will complete their "trains" to follow!  I know it's early but I wanted to mention it since my first choice store was already booked up for one of the workshops!  I will have to head towards Nana and PopPops to do the caboose - 12 miles away!  Book now if you want to go to ensure your spot at the closest Lowe's!

Dec 4 - Caboose

Dec 11 - Passenger Car

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  1. Ooh, my son would love that. Thanks for the tip!



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