Monday, November 29, 2010

Want to drop your phone bill but keep your home phone???

We rarely use it, but it has been our number for so long that my husband didn't want to give it up.  So we went out last month and purchased the Ooma Telo.  We paid $179 for it and signed up for Premier.  We only signed up because we are also going to be transferring my husband's business line onto it too!  So here's how our bill is going to break down:

Home Phone $39.99
Business Phone:  $45.00
Monthly phone bill:  $84.99

Home Phone and Business Phone:  $13.47 (can't remember exactly but that includes $10 a month for Premier service and taxes and fees which vary by state)

That's a huge savings!  And we can port both numbers over without changing them!

You can read about Ooma here. 
Check out your monthly fees here.

And buy one super cheap here - only $160!!

The call quality has been great - we don't notice any difference!

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  1. You got my attention. I'm off to check that out, but I have a magic jack that cost me $20 annually. Not bad for an extra line, but you must have DSL fr it to work.


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