Monday, February 1, 2010

Frugal Flowers for Valentine's Day

ProFlowers has the best prices - no comparison.  Right now they are also offering 10% off and a free glass vase on orders over $39.  Plus they will deliver some of the specially noted items on Valentine's Day, which many companies are not doing. 

If you are a ShopDiscover customer, you can get 20% cash back on your purchase!  If you own a Discover card, check here for details to see if you can become a ShopDiscover member.

If you do not have a Discover card, you can earn 12% cash back through Mr. Rebates.  Just make sure you click into ProFlowers from their website to earn the rebate.

Right now they are offering an All-In-One Valentine's Day special which includes:
  • 12 Long-stemmed red roses
  • 3 Stems baby's breath
  • Valentine's Day Bear
  • Valentine's Chocolates
  • Elegant Ruby Vase
  • Stands approximately 20" tall
for $49.98 - with the rebate it is only $43.98!  Not bad for a Valentine's Day delivery!

Mr. Rebate will work with any flowers offered on their site, this is just the one that caught my eye as being very "Valentine's Day".


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