Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Great price on ORGANIC Lollipops!!

I love Yummy Earth lollies - they are sooo good!  They have flavors like pomegranate and mango, as well as the traditional strawberry and watermelon.  And look at how good these are:

NO corn syrup!
NO artificial colors or flavors - NO chemicals at all!
No GMO's! (genetically modified organism)
Certified organic!
Peanut free!
Tree nut free!

This lollipops have a lot of taste and even satisfy this sweet-addicted woman's sweet tooth.  I feel OK about giving these to my kids - and a 5lb bag lasts a long time.  We gave these out to Trick-or-Treaters for Halloween.  Then I didn't have to feel guilty about contributing to their unhealthy habits (they get enough junk). 

You can save on this price by using code:  YUMET924 for an extra 20% off!  Then select subscribe & save to get another 15% off and FREE shipping!  You can cancel the subscribe and save from your account information after it ships if you'd like. 

TOTAL PRICE after discounts:  $12.88! for 5lbs - that's only $2.58 a lb!!!  Remember Amazon adjusts its prices all the time, so hurry up on these!  Price has varied by about $1 today...

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