Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Springhill Nursery $20 off a $20 purchase DEAD now $25 off $50

I can't decide what to get...I love the Bleeding Heart I used to have (because it grows in full shade, which we have on one side of the house)...but those strawberries are calling me also.  Hellebores do so well in my yard, bloom year-round (yes - even in winter) and are so beautiful.  I also love my Peonies and would love some more to add to the sunny side of our house...so many decisions!

You can also get cash back for this purchase!  Cashbaq is offering 10% and Mr. Rebates is offering 8%.  They both offer a $5 bonus on your first purchase so if you have already set up an account in one, it may be tmie to set up an account in the other right now to earn that $5.  You could actually make money on these plants!  After you click into one of these sites and set up your account, do a search for "Springhill Nursery".  Click on the link they give you to get into the website.  Once in, you can do a search for what you need/want.  There are some great deals in the Liquidation section and some plants are on sale B1G1 for a penny! 

After you make your selections, enter code:  414217 at checkout to take $20 off.  Worked when I started the post, dead before I finished!  How's that for luck? Grrr....

If you still wanted to purchase, you can still get $25 off a $50 purchase - no coupon code required.

Shipping prices:
Up to $20.00 - $7.95
$20.01 - $40.00 - $9.95
$40.01 - $70.00 - $11.95
$70.01 - $100.00 - $13.95
$100.01 - $150.00 - $15.95
$150.01 and up - $17.95

Hurry to use this code quickly - there is no expiration date/time and it is up to the company when they decide to pull it!  This deal started yesterday and I cannot promise it will still be working tomorrow, but it is still working at the time of this post.

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