Thursday, April 15, 2010

I am so pleased with Polliwalks!

I haven't been this happy with a company in a long time.  If you have been reading this for a while, you may remember way back when (December sometime) that I was talking about a great deal for Polliwalks that came up.  They have some amazingly cute shoes!  Look at these:

I bought each of my kids 2 pairs.  They both got a pair of fish lips and a pair of firefly shoes.  The fish lips are heat sensitive - the lips change color out in the sunshine!  And the fireflies - don't get me started on how cute they are!  The fireflies light up in the back - 2 colors!  Neither styles are currently available from the manufacturer - but some companies are still selling last year's stock.

After about 4 "wearings", Justin's fireflies stopped lighting up.  I contacted customer service to see if they offered replacement lights or batteries so that I could get them working again.  THEY OFFERED ME A COMPLETE REPLACEMENT for his shoes!  They no longer have the fireflies so they asked me his size and gave me a list of the shoes they could replace them with!  He chose these:

They have made me a customer for life with that offer!  I find these shoes so much cuter than Crocs!  Even though they cost me a litle more (since we have a Crocs outlet that puts out some great sales) I am willing to pay more to get them from a company that stands behind their products like this!

Anyway, I do't expect you to pay more so here's a few good deals I found (there are some more sizes and colors available on each link):

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