Thursday, April 15, 2010

Whole Foods deals April 14 - April 21

Deals are light this week :(  Even went there tonight to see if there was some hidden deals to find and I didn't see much.

Here's what I did find:

Annie's cereals - SALE 2 for $7 . This is not a great price for cereal but a good deal for our family.  My husband only eats "sugar" cereals and I do not allow my kids to eat those.  Since they see Daddy eat them, they want them.  And the bright colors and cartoon-y appeal don't help either.  Annie's makes 2 cereals:  Cocoa & Vanilla Bunnies and Fruity Bunnies cereal.  They look like sugar cereals.  They appeal to kids like sugar cereals do.  They do not contain sugar!  Just organic sugar can juice!  And the colors are naturally added.  The chocolate is just cocoa.  Way healthier but just as appealing as Daddy's cereals!

Annie's Crackers are also on sale 2 for $6.  The snack pack versions were on sale 2 for $7.

Almond Breeze Almond milk is very reasonable.  It is priced at $3.69 (YMMV) but Whole Foods offers $1 off (check the Whole Deal coupon book in the store or you may have printed it off their online coupons before - it's now pulled).  The manufacturer also has a $.50 off coupon here.  That makes the total price $2.09.

My Whole Foods had Dr. Bronner bar soap at 1/2 price (Peppermint and another smell I can't remember) making them $2.49.

Nature's Path cereal is on sale and I cannot remember the price (aarrgghh!!) but you can also pair that with the Whole Deal coupon for $1.50 off 2 found here.

Muir Glen canned tomatoes have a $1 pull off coupon on them.  They are regularly priced at $1.99 so that makes them half price!

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