Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Springhill Nursery Deal is LIVE again!

Yesterday's post mentioned getting $20 off a $20 order - it was working for me again this morning!  With one kink - I had a $21.95 plant order with $9.95 shipping.  The code changed my plant order to $17 and upped my shipping to $12.95 - and then took off $17.  So I ended up paying $3 for shipping - but still a GREAT deal.

Here's what I got:

4 Bleeding Hearts
25 Ozark Strawberry plants

I would have paid more than that locally for 2 Bleeding Hearts!

Here's a link back to yesterday's post for details.  Make sure you order through a cash back company to earn money back if you are spending more than the coupon code!!

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