Friday, April 2, 2010

Want stamps cheaper than the post office price?

You can get them on Snapfish today for only $.36 a stamp!  Yes - you will pay $.36 for a $.44 stamp!  And it will be customized!!!  You can upload the pic of your choice! 

You will also save 8% cash back from Mr. Rebates!

Here's how:
1)  Go to Mr. Rebates and do a search for Snapfish.  Click the link to enter Snapfish through Mr. Rebates.
2)  Log in or register with Snapfish.  If you are just registering you will need to download the pic(s) you want to use.
3)  Click on "10 Snappy Years:  You are Invited " towards the bottom of the page.  The click on "Redeem offer". 
4)   Now create your stamp and place 3 sheets in your cart. When you check out, use the code SNAPFISH321 to save $10.00 off of a $25.00 purchase.

It's that easy!!!

Thanks, She Saved

Stamps were pulled quickly!  I guess they caught on that they were cheaper than the price of a regular stamp!  You can still use this deal for things like a photo mug, etc...check out the Snapfish page to see what there is available.

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