Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My great Coconut Oil deal of the weekend!

Have I mentioned how much I love Englishtown Auction?  There is a guy there that has a lot of food products.  He gets them from "natural" stores like Trader Joes, Wegmans, etc.  They are usually dirty packaging or slightly out of date (depending on the product) but always sealed and new.

This weekend I hit the jackpot!  I know you've seen me post about coconut oil and I absolutely love the stuff - but it's soo expensive that I use it on some things and still use butter on others.

Not anymore!

Total retail (when I looked it up on the internet) = $100 just for the 3 large jars!  I paid $6 for each large jar and $3 for the small jar!  Total = $21


  1. Good job! Is this something local for you or does he sell online too?

    Thanks for sharing :)


  2. Just local. However, since he works flea markets, there's always the chance you'll find someone like him at your local flea market.


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