Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Green Quiz Quest

If any of you have participated in the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt, this may be familiar to you.  There is a new hunt out there - the Green Quiz Quest.  It has been designed to bring more traffic and attention to the websites out there that are looking/helping to preserve our Earth. 

Play will take place from July 1 through July 31.  Before you can start, you must register here

How to Play:  Visit the participating sites during the month of July.  There will be riddles and a "Quest" scavenger hunt form where you will place the answers to the riddles.  You must complete 80% of the riddles to be eligible for a prize.

Prizes:  There will be a Grand Prize, First Prize and Second Prize.  In addition, there may be more prizes (such as daily prizes, or special prizes) if they are available.  Prizes will be donated by the sponsors of the hunt.  Every sponsor will be donating a prize worth at least $15.  Each individual can only win one prize.

For additional information, please visit:

The Green Quiz Quest site
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