Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ever tried RecycleBank's Reward Program? Here's some FREE points!

RecycleBank is a rewards program that encourages people to recycle and become more green.  You can earn points through various activities and by entering codes that are released.  Here is a listing of all the ways you can earn points through them.  You can then redeem your rewards for coupons/coupon codes or products that they offer.  Here is a current list of what they offer.

You can sign up for RecycleBank here.  You will earn 25 points just for registering!

Some of my current faves:

:: $1.50 off Huggies baby wipes for 50 points
:: 1 FREE organic puffs from Happy Baby for 40 points
:: 1 FREE organic cereal from Happy Baby for 75 points
:: 1 FREE yogurt melts from Happy Baby for 75 points
:: Buy 1 Seventh Generation cleaner, get 1 free for 50 points
There are some great rewards!!

Here are some current codes.  Please keep in mind they will limit how many codes you can enter in a day so it may take you a few days to enter all the codes.  Also try these codes multiple times - some of them will work for up to 5x!!  They are worth 15pts for each time they are accepted.

Select "Marcal" and enter "TakeSmallSteps"
Select "Insider" and enter " MONEYSAVINGM15"
Select "Insider" and enter "FORTHEMOMMAS15"
Select "Insider" and enter " DEALSEEKINGM215 "
Select "Insider" and enter " WHOSAIDNO15"
Select "Insider" and enter " GINASKO15"
Select "Insider" and enter " BUTIHADACOUP15"
Select "Insider" and enter " MRSMONEYSAV15"
Select "Insider" and enter " ADDICTEDTOSAV15"
Select "Insider" and enter " BARGAINBRIAN15"
Select "Insider" and enter "SOUTHERNSAVE15 "
Select "Insider" and enter "ORGANICDEALS15 "

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