Thursday, August 26, 2010

Great deal on a hat to protect you from the sun!

On our trip to Sesame Place, I noticed a family wearing an amazing set of hats to keep the sun off  their heads, their faces protected - and it kept their necks protected as well.  I had never seen anything that covered as nicely or looked "normal" while doing so.  I had to ask where they got them and was told  they were "Sunday Afternoons" brand.  I went online to look them up when we got home and was so pleased to find out they had a "Deal of the Day" - speaking of that - someone remind me to add them to the Deal of the Day list.

I've been checking it out every day now - looking for a great deal and I think I'm going to jump on today's deal for myself:
Not in floral though :)  That's just not me LOL.  At 72% off it's only $10 today!!  Anyone have any experience with this company?  I'm hoping to get a great deal on hats for the boys too.

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