Friday, August 27, 2010

Kohls! Save some BIG $$$! $0.99 shipping!

Make sure you start off by using Shop at Home to earn an additional 4% cash back!  Here's how to use Shop at Home.

Do your shopping.  Once you have put everything you want into your cart, here's what you do next:

Use code:  UTAKE20 to take an additional 20% off your order!
Use code:  Thanks6672 or LowPrice 15 to take an additional 15% off that!

It brought my order from $133 and change to $86 and change!  For that I bought 3 pairs of shoes for my kids, a Giants jersey for the baby (already have one for my oldest) and a cute Fourth of July table runner!  Good deals!

Thanks to 2 of our readers for this deal.  Kendel first brought it to my attention and then Kerri found that great second code!  Thanks girls!

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