Sunday, August 22, 2010

How do I love Co-ops...

Have I mentioned my favorite online co-op before? I think it's been a while...I bought soo much stuff on there last year that hubby was about to blow his lid.  Of course, they were all great deals - and some for toys that he loves as much as the kids.

I have been a member of Crunchy Cooperative for at least 3 years now.  The women who run the co-ops are always polite, always quick to send items and willing to take ideas and figure out how to get them at great prices.

Right now they are running a co-op on Brother's All Natural.  I love, love this stuff!  And now they are making themselves even better to me since they offer "Toy Story" versions of their dried fruit!  Of course, they also offer Mickey, Cars, Princess, etc - but Toy Story is the hit in my house!

Each bag is normally $1 each online, but through the co-op they are only $0.70!!  There is a co-op free of $2 plus you will pay the Paypal fees associated with your payment.  Keep this in mind - if you are only going to order a few bags, you will not see any savings.  The savings add up when you order in bulk.  I am ordering 2 cases of the Toy Story fruits - since the items have to be ordered in cases anyway this will also guarantee I get what I want.

This co-op ends soon so I'd advise you to check it out ASAP and get your order in if you want some.

You can sign up for Crunchy Cooperative here.  Tell them Amy from The Thrifty Thumb sent you over!

Next month they are going to run a Manhattan Toys co-op!  I can't wait for that one!!!

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