Sunday, September 19, 2010

WEGMANS Deals 9/19 - 9/26

To take full advantage of these deals, please make sure you have a Shopper's Club Card. You should also check your store for the Nature's Marketplace magazines - they are FREE and contain coupons!

For an FAQ of Couponing and list of all abbreviations with their meanings, please click here.

This week, I am trying to organize it a little differently to save your ink and paper!  Please read below to see how it works - and please leave me a comment here or on FB to let me know what you think!  Is it easier/harder?  Do you like it/dislike it/hate it/indifferent?

  • All coupons labeled with a (C) are from 
  • All coupons labeled with an (SS) are from Smartsource. 
  • All coupons labeled with an (RP) are from Redplum. 
  • All coupons labeled with a (Sh) are from Shortcuts. 
You might want to make a list of the ones you want to print out from each page.  On that coupon page, select all the ones on your list and print them at the same time to save paper and ink (it won't print ads when you print multiple coupons on a page.  Please click through one of my links! :)        SmartSource           RedPlum            Shortcuts


Luvs Diapers (60-96ct) $12.99
-$1 off here
= $11.99


Wegmans Cinnamon Buns $2.50

Wegmans Filled Pasta $2.99


Wegmans Bulk Coffee Beans - Save $1 lb

Wegmans OJ $1.99


Campbells Chunky Soup $1.25
-$0.50 off here
-$1 off 2 here
-$1.50 off 3 here
-$2.00 off 4 here
(all printable coupons are on the same site)
-$0.50 off 2 in SS 9/19
-$1 off 2 in SS 9/12
-$1 off 2 in SS 8/15
= as low as $0.25

Wegmans Italian Classic Pasta Sauce $2.99

Wegmans Pasta Sauce $0.99

Wegmans Solid White Albacore Tuna $0.79

Wegmans Tomato Puree or Crushed Tomatoes $0.69

Wegmans Zita, Spaghetti or Thin Spaghetti $0.69


Belgioiso Burrata Fresh Mozzarella $4.99


Aunt Jemima Waffles $1.49

Stouffer's Lean Cuisine $2.00
-$1 off 2 Market Creations here
-$1 off 2 Market Creations here
-$1 off 2 Market Creations in RP 9/12
-$1 off 2 Market Creations in August All You
= $1.50 each when you buy 2


Near East Rice or Cous Cous $1.79
-$1 off 2 here (C)
= $1.29 each when you buy 2


Crest Premium Toothpaste $2.39
-$0.75 off in PG 8/29
-$1 off in PG 8/29
= as low as $0.89

Pantene Shampoo or Conditioner $5.00
-$1 off 2 in PG 8/29
= $4.50 each when you buy 2

St Ives Body Wash or Lotion $1.99
-$1 off lotion in SS 9/19
= $0.99

Wegmans Antiseptic Rinse $1.50


Larabar $1.29
-$0.75 off 3 here (C)
= $0.79 each when you buy 3

Snikiddy $2.50
-$1 off here
= $1.50


Cottonelle 12pk Bathroom Tissue $4.99
-$0.50 off here
-$0.50 off here
-$1 off in July All You
-$0.50 off in SS 8/15
= as low as $3.99


Quaker Chewy Granola Bars $2.00
-$1 off 2 in RP 9/19
= $1.50 each when you buy 2

This post is part of Becentsable's Grocery Gathering.  If you don't see your store listed on my blog, please check out Becentsable's Grocery Gathering for an extensive list of grocery stores and blogs that cover the best deals!

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