Friday, October 29, 2010

ORIGINS - Free Big Samples (almost full size) + FREE Shipping! with any purchase

I am so in love with their stuff - since I've started using it there is a HUGE difference in my face - less breakouts and it feels so much smoother and healthier!  I hate to spend that money though...

Right now you can pick from 3 samples:

FRIDAY1:  Checks & Balances Face Wash (1 fl oz - 5 oz is regular size for $18.50)
FRIDAY2:  Modern Friction Nature's Gentle Dermabrasion (1 fl oz - 7 oz is regular size for $34)
FRIDAY3:  Starting Over Age Erasing Moisturizer (1 fl oz - 1.7 fl oz is regular size for $45)  **BEST DEAL**

FRIDAY3 is the best deal, but I've never tried it - might have to now!  I LOVE Checks & Balances and Modern Friction!

Hurry and shop!  Quantities are limited and it's only good through tomorrow morning!!!

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