Friday, November 26, 2010

30% off at - Leapster Explorer!!!

This is a great deal - and if you are searching for a Leapster Explorer this season, this is one of the only deals I have seen on this!

Don't forget to go through Ebates for an additional 8% cash back!!!  And a $5 sign up bonus!

Go to and search for anything you'd like to pick up (many other things besides the Leapster Explorer would be a great deal with this!)
Make sure you spend at least $25 to get the free shipping!
Use code:  H4W9V7M at checkout to save 30%!

It makes the Explorer $48.96!  Of course most of us (if not all) will have tax added to that and tax prices vary by state.  But still a great deal on this new toy!

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