Friday, November 26, 2010

Holiday Cards

I finally got around to taking my kids to get their holiday pics done and sat down the other night to work on our holiday cards.  Why is this such a chore I dread every year?  Every time I sit down with this I go through card after card, design after design...and I can never decide what I want or how I want it to look.  I drive myself nuts!

This year I've decided to use Shutterfly for my cards.  Look how cute their Christmas card designs are!  Check your mail - I got a special promotion discount code in the mail this year for $10 off a $10 purchase!!!!  It came not with the weekly flyers - but in the regular mail.  This could make for some great deals if you got lucky enough to get one!

There are a lot of promo codes floating around the internet...and they are constantly changing.  Make sure to check out for current codes.  Even without any coupon codes, their prices are pretty reasonable - $0.32 is the starting price for a holiday card!  And right now they are offering free shipping on $25 orders!  Check out the CyberWeek Sale Special Offers (sale ends Dec 1st!).

Last year when I ordered our holiday cards, I also placed an order for a photo book that dedicated 1 page to each month of our life for the previous year - I love it and am planning on doing the same this year.  It's kind of like our life in an annotated version :)  Shutterfly is also running promos on photo books - buy 1, get 50% off on each additional book.

I also LOVE this idea!!!  Gift tags - preprinted!  Just pop them on a gift and you are done!!!

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