Monday, January 3, 2011

LOCALS!!!! Groupon deal today - Central NJ (and North Jersey) - BOOT CAMP!!

Anyone want to do this with me?  Come on!  I just signed up!  For $39 you can get unlimited boot camp classes, meal planning and access to a personal trainer for 1 month!  I am so excited about this!  I want that C-section pouch gone! 

It is at Gifted Bodies in Highland Park and they offer classes at 6:00am and 6:15pm Monday through Friday.  I'm thinking of hitting the morning session and then just continuing onto work from there.  It will be early for me to get up, but totally worth it if I can see quick results!

Sign up here and join me (make sure you're in the Central Jersey deal)!  It's 80% off!  I've been looking for a boot camp to do locally and the prices usually scare me away - but not at $39! 

North Jersey Groupon is offering a boot camp today too!  It's in Whippany and is $35!!  Sign up here!  Keep those New Year's Resolutions!

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